How often should you update your webpage?

If you have been wondering if this is a good time to update or redesign your website, Datecma wants to leave you with recommendations to consider and keep in mind:

New designs involve transformations

As the adage quotes “The beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and indeed, this is in the beholder´s eye who is coming to your webpage. According to recent studies, your webpage has just 10 seconds to capture client´s attention and after such time only 38% of them do not follow you up anymore if and only if the website design is not flashy. 48% of the web visitors make a judgement focused on the creativity of your company about what they are actually seeing in your website.

Such significant data provides an important outcome; an immediate drop in transformations are obtained if web visitors just visit the first website that they see, ignoring yours.
The website design is the first glance of your identity, which definitely can be judged by the visitors based on the creativity, website security and they finally make a decision of your brand. Even slightly changes in the design can lead to high number of participants, permanence, and trust from potential customers.