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01. Our approach

¿How do we see the digital world?

It is an inevitable extension of what we used to consider traditional that evolves every second to improve our existence, while helping others to live better. We can solve real problems through digital ecosystems with a sustainable view of the world.

We offer our clientshigh quality services

Our clients require the certainty of having at hand the best practices in digital environments that guarantee the products their companies offer. Our services are based on the trust placed in us by each of our clients.

Digital marketing

We deliver strategic developments focused on improving your sales growth.

Social media

Target-driven content for positioning your brand.


Optimize resources through tools to enhance your business model.

UI / UX Design

We take your business to the new user experience oriented ecosystems.

02. Adoption Office 365

We plan your trip to Office 365

Evaluamos el ecosistema empresarial de nuestros clientes, determinando las herramientas necesarias para potenciar su compañía.

Para ello se ofrece una inmersión en Office 365 y las herramientas más adecuadas para sus necesidades

What do we do to achieve Adoption success in Office 365?

Business scenarios

Office 365

Business scenarios

Datecma allows the tools of Office 365 to become part of the whole ecosystem of your organization adjusted to the historical work profile of your business requirements.

Adoption plan

Office 365

Adoption plan

This work is carried out by reviewing and matching the viability of your vision to the future of your organization, through tailored dynamics.


Office 365


We review your results and project improvements through a work plan using the most appropriate tools of the Office 365 adoption plan.

Measure, share success and repeat

Office 365

Measure, share success and repeat

The path we show is based on the use of verifiable data showing tailored cases that may be suitable for successful results.

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